Create And Manage Projects To Stay On Task

Project management can be overwhelming for team members and managers. Staffly Projects is an integrated solution that functions as a task management tool from within your Staffly Portal.

Assign Tasks And Due Dates For Everyone

Staffly Projects allows you and your team to create and assign tasks to members of the project with due dates and deliverables. Each project is private to the team members involved and everyone will receive notifications for new tasks assigned.

Get More Done In Less Time With Staffly Projects

Forget trying to manage multiple projects from todo lists, emails, or numerous other platforms. Staffly Projects helps your team get more accomplished and on task all in one place.

Easy To Use

Create new projects on the fly with Staffly's easy to use interface that is familiar to many programs you know. Assign team members with ease using our bulk add feature.

Project Progress

Depending upon the type of project you create, you'll see a progress bar that tracks by due dates, or the number of tasks completed to complete the project - all your choice!

Unlimited Tasks

Create new tasks from within each project and assign one, or many team members. Each task has it's own settings, due dates, and notes to keep everyone on mission.


When you assign a team member to a project, they will receive a notification inside their Staffly login and by email. When you assign tasks, team members are notified of the task details.

Start Accomplishing More With Staffly

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