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Unify your team no matter where they are and empower them with Staffly’s enterprise-wide feature toolbox. With our company collaboration software, your colleagues can easily work together across teams to improve results at every level. No matter what industry you are in, Staffly provides tools and features to help you improve efficiency, training, and communication.

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Staffly helps you schedule shifts easier.


Staffly helps you collaborate effectively.


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With rapid shifts in healthcare, staffing, and compliance, it’s more critical than ever for healthcare professionals to communicate and collaborate easily and efficiently. Staffly simplifies providers’ lives with a single healthcare platform for secure collaboration and organizational communications that your employees will actually use.

Professional Services

Staffly enables professional service teams to create an exceptional experience at every stage of the employee journey. From training and onboarding to recruitment and retention, and from collaboration and alignment to productivity and innovation, Staffly connects your people and strengthens your culture.

Food Service

Unite your food service team with an app that does it all. Staffly offers the tools you need for communication, training, task management, event scheduling, shift scheduling, recruitment, news, and much more. Encourage your workforce to collaborate! By allowing agents to share their expertise, best practices, and resources via crowdsourcing, they’ll elevate the whole team.

Construction & Contracting

Staffly provides construction companies with an integrated, open hub for collaboration across the organization. It’s a single organized place to meet, plan, execute and stay in sync, from your smallest teams to the edge of your business ecosystem. The result? Faster, more meaningful communication that drives change and fosters innovation.


Staffly brings together all your people, content, and knowledge in one digital workplace, improving both the quality and timeliness of product work while driving new efficiencies, employee engagement, and substantial cost savings. With Staffly, retail organizations can unite their people, information and applications in a single secure digital workplace.


Improve your customer service resolution time and keep up with digital disrupters with Staffly’s highly secure intranet. Staffly’s innovative platform enables your wholesale organization’s talent to collaborate more efficiently, rapidly and fluidly than ever before. You will increase productivity and reduce operating costs while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.


With Staffly everyone in your manufacturing organization can instantly connect, share and get work done more efficiently – no matter where they are and how they work. Increase transparency, eliminate hierarchies and make a big company small with a truly easy-to-use corporate collaboration toolbox.


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