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Staffly's employee communication platform helps business owners and teams to interact with employees via SMS and email - right within the Staffly Platform.
Forget about bulletin boards, trading phone calls, or tracking someone down; instead, rely on an employee communication platform that acts as a company intranet.

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Training & Education

Create, deliver and track training for your team all in one simple place. Delivered to your team using a mobile-first learner platform.
Our Employee training platform has everything that you need to deliver a comprehensive program to your team. From new hires to compliance, Staffly provides the platform your team can understand.

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Job Applications

Staffly's job board and applicant tracking system gives your team everything it needs to advertise jobs, attract talent, and make better hiring decisions in less time. Ditch your outdated ATS and upgrade your hiring.
You'll also receive a job board page that can be embedded onto your existing websites for even more applicant reach.

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File & Document Management

Get rid of your filing cabinets with Staffly's internal document management system. Securely store and manage employee files electronically. Files are secure, easy to retrieve, and managed with consistency and organization. The risk of lost or misplaced files is eliminated.Staffly Docs provides a secure, private, and searchable system.

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Shift Scheduling

Associate your employees with calendars, configure shift types, assign managers, and keep your staff scheduling under control anywhere at anytime online from your Staffly Portal. A useful tool that brings accuracy and efficiency to your accountability tracking. Track working hours, streamline attendance, and generate reports.

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Policies & Procedures

Improve compliance with policies and procedures in a centralized platform. Manage employee manuals, corporate policies, templates, work instructions — all with version control and approvals.
Maintain compliance with document retention and privacy requirements for information that falls under regulatory control.

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Project Management

With Staffly Projects, you can break up your work into separate projects. Each project contains everything related to the work at hand; all the people involved, discussions, documents, files, tasks, important dates, and more. Staffly Projects keep everything organized by default. Things are always where you expect, and it’s obvious where to put stuff.

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News & Events

Staffly allows you to publish articles, news posts, wiki databases, company events, and more! Share announcements and send notifications in real-time to stay connected with employees. Update them about upcoming holidays, leave status, or a new regulation by leveraging our featured software equipped with robust collaboration tools.

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Teams & Groups

Staying organized with Teams and Groups is easy with Staffly. Forget crossed wires, unread Slacks, and endless emails. Collaborate in real-time with your team or send a message to only a group of employees on that team. Organize and message individual team groups with ease with our integrated messaging. Teams will also receive email notifications.

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Staffly gives you the tools and solutions you need to maximize resources, communicate, schedule, hire, train, and manage your team.

Collaborate with your entire team across multiple locations with projects, events, files, tasks, bulk emails, texting, and more.

Create and manage courses for training, new hires, and continuing education while also tracking progress along the way.

Staffly combines features that would require a dozen platforms to accomplish, saving you thousands of dollars and hours.


Perfect platform, flexible and great support!

“Staffly is flexible and offers great support! These guys respond in a second. We signed up for our Staffly portal and within a few hours our team was ready to roll!"

Jipbasket Andro


Staffly allows our team to stay informed of all important announcements. Also, training our new hires is now a breeze!

Richard GarrettHR Director

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