Keep Your Staff On Schedule With Staffly

Optimize your employee schedule with scheduling capabilities that maximize workforce capacity, increase scheduling efficiency, and boost employee engagement and retention. Communicate shifts and times with employees easily in one place. 

Schedule Shifts And Assign Team Members

Staffly Scheduler allows you to create shifts for your team quickly and easily. You can assign one, or multiple team members to each shift and notify them through their email.

Keep Your Team On Task And On Time With Staffly Schedules

Ditch the spreadsheets and bulletin boards and start scheduling faster, easier, and more efficiently from within your Staffly Portal.

Easy To Use

Most staff and shift scheduling software falls short of providing an efficient way to manage employee work shifts. Staffly Schedule strips out all of the needless bells and whistles to provide you with a tool that is useful and easy to use.

Simple Notifications

Staffly's integrated notification system lets your team know when they are assigned to a shift through emails and internal portal notifications.

Integrated Calendar

Shifts are posted to calendars that are visible to your team in your Staffly Portal. Your shift calendars remain centralized and visible for all of your team to see.

Multiple Staff

Instead of one employee per shift, you can assign multiple team members to each shift so that your time spent scheduling is minimized. No need to spend more time than necessary!

Start Scheduling Your Team With Staffly

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