One Platform for All Your Policy & Procedures

Your organization’s policies don’t exist in a vacuum. Storing these documents in traditional file shares can create inconsistency and confusion. Staffly Policies offers secure storage and organization for policies and procedures documents in one place for easy reference and sharing among your team.

Streamline Procedure Storage & Management

Staffly Policies allows you to store procedures, standard operating guidelines, general orders, field training guides or secondary policy manuals in one place so your personnel can easily access content and supervisors can efficiently distribute documents. With the use of hyperlinks you can easily share links with your team to view them right in your Staffly Portal.

Keep Your Team Compliant with Policies & Procedures Management

Stop wondering where the latest version of your policies are with Staffly Policies. Staffly provides a web-based platform to store policy-related documents and integrate them with your organization's portal.

Simplified Interface

Instead of searching through file directories for the latest version, Staffly Policies maintains an easy to use interface with a search option to locate your policies & procedures fast and easy.

Easy Sharing

Use Staffly's integrated document sharing links to share policies and procedures within your organization. Team members can view each document by clicking the link and logging in.

Centralized Storage

Stop worrying about limits and overages with our centralized storage solution. Secure and compliant document storage comes with each Staffly Portal.

Multiple File Types

Word, Excel, PDF, need we say more? Staffly Policies can handle nearly any file type so you aren't restricted to utilizing a single platform to create and manage policies and procedures.

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