Organize Your Team Efficiently With Staffly Groups

Staffly Groups provides organizational tools that allow you to segment your staff into groups by role, position, title, or any other aspect you can think of! 

Public and Private Groups

Support collaboration with centralized spaces. Staffly Groups reduces the number of emails and meetings through integrated messaging, file sharing, and chat. Each group can be set to private membership or public joining so you can communicate with your team efficiently.

Secure File and Document Management for Your Team

Get rid of your filing cabinets with Staffly's internal document management system. Securely store and manage employee files electronically. Files are secure, easy to retrieve, and managed with consistency and organization.

Shared Activity Feed

Shared activity feeds in Staffly Groups allow you to stay up to date and on top of each team. See what team member performed a task to determine who is involved and active.

Shared Calendars

Since each group can be set as public or private, each group calendar is also public or private. Post events, deadlines, and reminders for your group with shared calendars.

Notification Options

Keep each team member in the group informed of activities through notifications through email and portal notifications. Set the frequency and types of updates sent with group settings.

Member Invitations

Invite some or all of your team members to each group. Invites are sent via email and through your Staffly Portal notifications. See who was invited to remind them to accept the invitation to the group.

Start Organizing Your Team With Staffly.

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