Source, Manage, and Hire Talented Team Members

Staffly Job Board does a lot more than listing jobs. It is a fully-featured 360º applicant tracking system that’s easy to use and integrates well with your website and online job platforms. Applicants search for jobs and apply using easily customizable forms. 

Create Custom Job Applications

Job creators can create jobs specifically tailored to your company with custom definitions and fields. See responses from applicants through email notifications with file uploads to receive resumes, ID’s, and more.

Flexible Job Board and Applicant Management

Staffly Job Board doesn’t limit you to just a job board. Along with your Staffly Portal, you can embed and manage your job board across any number of websites with its built in features.

Applicant Tracking

See applicant information from one screen while accepting, rejecting, or requesting more information quickly and easily.

Customize Fields

Create job applications with custom fields to gather the right information up front from candidates including file uploads for resumes.

Embedded Job Boards

Using a simple, paste-able code, you can embed your job board into any website capable of accepting iframes and script embeds.

Unlimited Job Listings

Staffly job board will never limit the amount of jobs or candidates, you are free to advertise your jobs and source as many applicants as needed!

Start Hiring Quality Talent with Staffly

Attract talented candidates and show them the jobs they’re looking for. Instead of relying on expensive job sites and sending your candidates to find your jobs among competitors, keep them on your page with Staffly.


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