Communicate In One Place. Not All Over The Place.

Staffly’s communication features allow your team to message, email, and chat all from within a single source. Team leaders can send announcements and messages through our built in SMS and Email functions.

Say Goodbye To Group Texts

Group texts and mass emails are a thing of the past with Staffly. Find, add, and message individual team members, groups of team members, or your entire team through our messaging platform. Your team will also receive email notifications of the messages sent.

Free Your Team From Cluttered Inboxes And Multiple Messaging Platforms

Staffly’s communication platform replaces many popular chat and messaging apps today. No longer do you need multiple Slack channels, Teams channels, or cluttered inboxes.


Combined Communications

Staffly provides multiple channels of communication for your team with a single login.

Team Chat

Instantly chat with your team with Staffly's in-channel chat system and receive notifications of new chats on your mobile or desktop browser.

Messaging Inbox

Private message one or multiple team members all at once with our built-in messaging inbox. Receive email notifications of replies and new messages.

Group Notifications

Segment your team into groups by departments, job functions, events, and more with our group features. Communicate with the entire group all at once for announcements.

Mass SMS

Say goodbye to group texting with our mass SMS notification features. You can add individual team members, groups, or your entire team.

Start Communicating With Your Team

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