Keep Your Team Informed And Up To Speed

Staying on top of calendars, announcements, and help articles is a thing of the past with Staffly New and Wiki Modules. You’ll be able to notify your team of important events, announcements, and more while educating everyone through the Staffly Help Wiki System.

Article Knowledgebase For Your Whole Team

Staffly Wiki is great for internal documentation! Whether you are onboarding new employees, distributing guidelines or training support agents, Staffly will help you get the job done faster and better. Organize articles easily using categories and subcategories. Find what you need with our built in search.

Engage Your Team With Training, Help, And Continuous Learning Articles

Staffly News and Wiki makes it easy to create, share, and discover knowledge to give your team the resources and answers they need to succeed.

Details That Matter

Each post you create in the Staffly News section allows for content, details, and dates. Post pictures to beautify your posts and keep your team on top of things.

Interactive Comments

Allow discussion, feedback, and comments from your team with the comments section. Available for each post and article. Admins can enable or disable comments easily.

Easy To Use Tools

Create, edit, organize, delete, and see the history of each wiki article to keep it updated as your organization grows and changes over time.


Notify your team through email when a new article is posted. Let them know about new announcements, events, and common themes in your organization through one post.

Inform and Educate Your Team With Staffly

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