Manage and Share Files Publicly and Privately

Staffly Locker makes it easy for you to manage public and private files, documents, and sensitive information. From policies and procedures to employment files, Staffly Locker helps you securely organize the files needed for your team.

Create Multiple Locker Libraries for Organization

Staffly Locker’s file management system allows you to create multiple “libraries,” or folders, to categorize your files and documents for easy access and sharing amongst your team members. 

Secure File and Document Management for Your Team

Get rid of your filing cabinets with Staffly's internal document management system. Securely store and manage employee files electronically. Files are secure, easy to retrieve, and managed with consistency and organization.

Drag & Drop Files

Organizing files is easy with Staffly Locker. Drag and Drop files to organize in different libraries, move to public folders, or share with your team members. All in a secure environment.

File Sharing & Updating

Notate, download, update, and share files easily from one screen using our integrated file tool. Need to send the latest policies to a team member? Just click and send without attaching to an email.

Public & Private Lockers

Categorize each file and document for public sharing or access-only for sensitive files and information. The risk of lost or misplaced files is eliminated.Staffly Docs provides a secure, private, and searchable system.

Any File Type

Staffly Locker doesn't restrict you to certain file types. Upload and manage any file extension from jpeg to xls, all with the same sharing and access restriction features.

Start Managing with Staffly Locker

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